1. How do I place an order?

    Download the app from playstore and sign-up as new user. One can use auto detect location or enter manually. Once visiting the restaurants/cinemas/hotels, browse through the menu. Add items to place an order and enter table no./vehicle no., waiter will be notified to confirm order and serve.
  2. Can I order from any location?

    No. The app will display the closest outlet to your current location – please ensure GPS location services are enabled for this. However, one can also search in other locations using the search functionality to place a food order. One must be present in the hotel/cinema/restaurant to place an order.
  3. Do you charge for placing an order?

    No. MyOrde doesn’t charge any convenience fees while placing an order.
  4. Do you accept any payments for orders placed?

    We do not accept any payments for orders. Payment needs to be made directly to respective restaurants/hotels/cinemas.
  5. Do you deliver?

    MyOrde doesn’t deliver food. It is an in-restaurant dining app.
  6. Can I edit my order?

    Orders can be edited at any time either by the customer or waiter unless the food is ready to be served. Generally, orders cannot be edited once an order is confirmed and the food outlet has started preparing the food.
  7. Can I order in advance?

    MyOrde application puts the ordering experience seamlessly into customer hands who can create and store order on the app even before arriving at the restaurant. Order can be placed and confirmed soon after reaching the restaurant.
  8. How do I contact MyOrde support?

    One can get in touch with us by sending message with their details through our website www.myorde.com. One can also write to us at support@myorde.com.